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What is Starbox
A wise Marketplace connecting Influencers and Brands based on both sides custom needs. We help Brands reach their accurate audience and achieve value for their money, by getting better engagement for their product's campaign. We also care for connecting Influencers only to the most suitable and interesting brands. We do that by leveraging machine learning and big data to provide an optimal marketing experience to our Influencers and Brands. Ohh and... A lot of thinking out of the box


In the Background

Starbox was built over many layers of data on Influencers, Influencers' Audience, Brands, and more. Our technology is built to extract the most engaged audience for your product

Discover & Conquer

Wide scale of selection when creating Influencers campaign where you can search, analyze, select and communicate with Influencers. Select the best Influencers cast, instruct them what you want them to do, and start the campaign


Real-Time tracking and analyzing audience engagement for the content your Influencers published to their social media channels

Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencers are there for as long as we can remember ourselves. Try to remember the oldest commercial that you can - wasn't there a special man or woman who got your attention first? In an overly competitive digital market, and where traditional ads doesn't work like it used to, brands need representers that has the correct audience behind them - maximizing reach and building authenticity - from food bloggers to gadget experts to fashion experts, niche follower base have become an extremely valuable asset for brands

some really nice logos to show (which happens to be our clients’)

Clients cry their hearts out

Moshe Eisenberg

Digital Marketing Manager

It was a pleasure to work with you guys. very organized and creative team. they know the work and the hips

Chen Ben Ishay

Marketing Manager

These guys didn't rest until I got exactly what I wanted (and I can be demanding). Will definitely touch your "magic stars" again

Asaf Sofir

Marketing Manager

We needed to use beautiful influencers and create huge buzz for our branching. Starbox's staff did great job matching us with greate models. Superb